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A new social network: WikiTribune Social

November 14, 2019 — Joe Brockmeier

This morning I caught wind of WikiTribune Social (WT:Social), "a social network for people like you who still have faith in the truth. We are here to create better connections and develop productive discussions around everything that is happening in the world and is important to us."

I think there's a real need for a social network that doesn't use a predatory "users are the product" model. Sure, you can live without Facebook, but despite all its flaws it actually is a valuable tool for many people. I still think social networks can be a postitive, despite the state of Facebook and Twitter, but the motive and profit model can't be about explosive growth, eternal engagement, and exploiting user data. And WikiTribune says it's not going to sell data, and there's an opportunity to pay a yearly or monthly fee or donation for the site.

While some people can't afford $13 a month or $100 a year to be part of a social network, I can. So I plunked down my cash and signed up. I hope that others will give it a chance too, and maybe it will help put a stake in Facebook so that it goes the way of MySpace and other failed social networks.

Interested in joinng? Check it out here.

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